Furniture decoration of the Gyoza bar, Paris

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In 2012, Cyrille Varet creates furniture for the Goyza bar, opened in the Passage du Panorama in Paris by Sato and Guillaume Guedj Shinichi.
12 bar seats, around a large bar in a narrow room covered with slate bricks.


The Goyza Bar was born from the desire of Sato Shinichi, the chef of Passage 53 restaurant, and his associate Guillaume Guedj, to develop next to their famous restaurant an affordable “quality fast food”, offering a very basic menu composed of a single choice : the Goyza.

Goyza are moon-shaped ravioli, for which Sato Schinichi has refined his recipe carefully choosing his ingredients: pork spine and chest sold by Hugo Desnoyer with an accompaniment of herbs selected by Joel Thébault.

The Goyza are then baked at 200 ° C, 7 to 8 minutes between 4 cast iron plates, immediately before being served hot, along with a citrus soy sauce, a soy salad and rice.



The restaurant is composed of two rooms. On the ground floor, a massive oak bar delimits the tiny kitchen and accommodates 12 bar seats created by Cyrille Varet and upholstered with a beige leather.

Room walls are covered with narrow bricks of slate, and a dark parquet flooring enhance the cozy atmosphere of this unusual place.


The interior architecture is signed by Shinku Noda (Atelier Es).

Eiji Kikkawa Decorator + Shinku Noda Architect


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