Cyrille Varet designed his first metal chairs in 1992, when he was 23.
Self-taught, he discovers steel, which became his favorite material.
In 25 years, kilometers of laminated steel was curved by his hands, to create and duplicate unique pieces, small series of furniture and sculptures. over those years, he has forged both a personal style, but also a master of the material, and finishes. handmade patina, brushed after oxidation of the metal, is part of the signature of the designer.


Cyrille Varet was one of the first crafter who settled his workshop and showroom under the Viaduc des Arts in 1994.
He organized many exhibitions with other artists and designers in this place, while all the furniture was built in the basement of the building.

In 2002, Cyrille Varet started Ithemba, a creative approach aiming at developping income generating actvities for women living with HIV AIDS in Africa. Since then, both activities co-existed both in the show-room and in the workshop where prototypes were also being developed.

The Ithemba lightbulbs for instance were perfect accessories for his metal chandeliers. and some objects were linking metal and african craft in unique collections.

In 2014, the 2 activities are split, Cyrille Varet leaves Ithemba, and move his workshop in Seine et Marne, in a more adapted workshop both for his furniture and artwork.

In 2015, he opens with his wife Safy Varet a new Galerie, the Umcebo Gallery, located 102 bd Diderot in Paris, and dedicated to photography, where is furniture is closely associated to the decoration of the space.